End of Life Announcement:

A number of factors have all converged to prompt the team to make the hard decision to shutdown this service. On behalf of everyone who has worked to bring you AirPRS, we say Fly Safe!
This application was designed to allow users to locate airplanes equipped with APRS trackers using the “automated Packet Reporting System”. Therehave been about 500 aircraft across Canada and the USA equipped with these trackers.
AirPRS was 'mobile friendly' and tested on a wide range of devices from very small smartphones, small and large tablets, and computer screens.
The team used GitLab for development and project management of the source code.
AirPRS was generously designed and developed by the staff at Bradán Lane Studio / Washington DC
AirPRS used data from the automatic position reporting system network - a public source on the internet. This data was not aggregated with any other source. AirPRS never sold any data nor used data for monitization purposes.